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Updated September 28,2021

  • I’m opening a new Etsy shop very soon where I’ll be selling templates for Instagram and other social media platforms. I’m working on the products right now and plan to launch once I have a few sets of Instagram highlight covers and story templates created.
  • I’ve been working a lot on my iPad recently, slowly improving my skills with drawing in Procreate. I’ve been focused on creating a hand-drawn icon set that will become part of my Instagram highlight covers.
  • Oh yeah – did I mention I had a baby?! Helena Faye was born July 7, 2021 at 8:04 am. I’ve been dragging my feet and I’m behind on writing her birth story (for shame, I know). As soon as I’m done, it will be on the blog.

📺 Watching | We just finished watching the entire US series of Shameless (just… oof). When The Conners season premiered the other night, Mike and I were both like, Debs?! How did we not notice that Emma Kenney who plays Debbie on Shameless also plays Harris on The Conners?! 

🎧 Listening |My favorite podcasts of the moment are Cult Liter with Spencer Henry and This Might Get Weird with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart

📖 Reading | I started reading Call the Midwife while I was on maternity leave but haven’t gotten back to it yet.

📷 Gear | Nothing new or exciting unless you count the 200-foot ethernet cord I bought to hardwire my desktop computer into our router. (Well worth fighting all that damn cord!) Also… lusting after an iPhone 13 Pro like crazy. (I’m still on an iPhone XR, but one of these days I’ll upgrade…)

📱 App | Lose It!Hatch BabyThe Wonder WeeksFlo … and weirdly, I’ve been getting back into using Instagram (particularly stories) a lot more again. 

Inspired by Derek Sivers