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Updated June 2, 2021

  • I’m now almost 33 weeks pregnant. I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and everything is still looking good for our home birth, so long as I made it to 37+ weeks! So far I feel “less pregnant” than I did at this same point with Myles (who was born at 35 weeks) so I take that to be a good thing and it makes me feel like I’ll make it to full-term successfully with this baby. (Keep your fingers crossed for us!)
  • I’ve been keeping busy reorganizing and “nesting” to get ready for our daughter’s arrival. I just got a dresser from my parent’s house that belonged to my great grandmother, and I’m in the process of cleaning it up and replacing the broken/missing knobs with some antique glass ones my mom gave me (eek!), and then I’m going to start washing baby clothes and putting them away … stuff is getting REAL. (I know, enough baby-talk, right? If you want more, check out the blog.)
  • The goats are keeping me extremely busy these days too. Right now we have 5 does that I’m hand-milking 2x a day and 14 babies being bottle fed. It’s a LOT. Even though I enjoy it, I’m very ready for the babies to reach weaning age and go to their new homes. At that point, I’ll be drying off several of the does and I also plan on selling off a pretty good chunk of our herd this year. I’m re-homing most of our LaManchas and Mini LaManchas, and focusing on our Nigerians. With the Nigerians, right now all our does are related to each other, so I’m re-homing many of them, and looking to bring in some new bloodlines in the next few years, so we can mix things up a little. (And in the meantime, make the workload and feed costs a little less!)

📺 Watching | Mike and I have been checking out the Peacock streaming network on AppleTV recently. We watched the entire first season of Rutherford Falls and loved it, and we’re on the last episode of their documentary on John Wayne Gacy and it’s super creepy and interesting too.

🎧 Listening | I’m down a serious true crime rabbit hole right now and my two favorite podcasts lately have been My Favorite Murder and Cult Liter by Spencer Henry. I’ve also been listening to a few goat-related podcasts lately – For The Love of Goats, Goat Gab, and Ringside: An American Dairy Goat Podcast.

📖 Reading | Nothing new/exciting at the moment. I’m hoping I can catch up on some reading while I’m on maternity leave. (A good thing to do while nursing baby, I think!)

📷 Gear | Unfortunately, I don’t have anything cool/new/techy in my life right now. Everything is pretty domestic and/or baby-related. (But I’m good with that!)

📱 App | I feel slightly ashamed to admit this, but I am full-on addicted to Best Fiends. I don’t even PLAY games usually. I’m on level 704 at the moment. 

Inspired by Derek Sivers

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