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Updated April 20, 2021

  • I’m now 26½ weeks along in my pregnancy and nearing the end of my second trimester. In a lot of ways I still don’t FEEL pregnant, even though the mountain of baby clothes, blankets, and other supplies are starting to pile up. I’ve been trying to remember to document pictures and updates on the blog
  • I started coding a goat-tracking app. There are a few out there ( being one of the better ones) but none of them work exactly how I want. So what’s a programmer to do? DIY-it of course! Unfortunately, there are only SO many hours in my day that I can stand staring at a computer screen, so progress has been slow. I’m trying to take an approach of building it in modules, so I can have something usable sooner, then add new features/modules later on. I don’t know that I’ll ever share it or sell it — it’s more for me — but it’s been fun to play with!

📺 Watching | I went down the Call the Midwife rabbit hole finally. I feel like I’m the last person on earth to get into this one, but I absolutely LOVE it. I just finished all the episodes on Netflix recently. I think I’m going to watch The Crown next.

🎧 Listening | I’ve been listening to tons of podcasts again, because I spend a good 2 hours in the barn every day right now bottle feeding and milking goats. My favorite just lately is Cult Liter by Spencer Henry. (I’m all about a good true crime/mystery/ghost story/etc.)

📖 Reading | Nothing at the moment. I know. For shame. But honestly, right now when I have the energy I have to GET SHIT DONE. When I’m tired, I CRASH and I’m asleep before I have a chance to read.

📷 Gear | All the “gear” I have purchased recently has been pretty much goat or baby-related — not any cool tech gear at all! But if you want to hear about the cool baby stuff I’ve been finding (amazing what has changed in the 8 years since I’ve had a newborn), I can tell you all about that. 😉

📱 App | Again, because of the stage of life I’m in at the moment, things are baby-related: BabyCenter, Pregnancy+, and I recently saw Huckleberry recommended for tracking feedings, diapers, etc. once baby arrives.

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