Amanda Weber

Web developer 💻 + Mama 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 + Homesteader 👩‍🌾 + INFJ 💗

♓ Sun, ♓Moon, ♓ Rising

I build websites and raise dairy goats and poultry on a little farm in NWPA.

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  • As of 6/29/2020, we’re up to day 106 of corona social distancing-whatever we’re calling it these days. I have yet to go to a store. I drove Mike to the garage twice to have his car worked on, I picked up Chinese takeout once, and I visited my mother once. Other than that, I’ve been quite content to stay home on our little farm.
  • We’ve decided to take advantage of our public school district’s online option this fall rather than sending the kids back to school in-person. It’s bittersweet. In some ways, I feel like we’re saving my older son some heartache (because man, middle school is HARD) but I also feel like my younger son will be missing out on some of his elementary school “experience” and memories. Just doing the best we can right now till there’s more information and options, I guess. 🤷‍♀️

Currently Enjoying

📺 Watching | Old episodes of “Scrubs” on Hulu, so I can listen along to…

🎧 Listening | The “Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald” podcast, which is fantastic! (Their theme song alone is worth a listen if you are a fan of Scrubs.)

📖 Reading | City of Ghosts by J. H. Moncrieff

📷 Gear | Continuing to use my AirPods Pro every day!

Projects & Passions

💻 AW Development + Design
Specializing in custom WordPress themes

🐐 Sundaze Farm
Nigerian Dwarf & LaMancha dairy goats

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