Amanda Weber

Web developer 💻 + Homesteader 👩‍🌾 + Mama 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  + INFJ 💗 + Enneagram Type 2

I build websites and raise poultry and dairy goats on a little farm in NWPA.

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  • Excited to be shifting into a new role in marketing and design with Clover Wireless! I’ve worked in web dev for 15+ years and it’s challenging and energizing to refocus my efforts into the more creative side of the business.
  • Thinking a lot about my business and my “personal brand” (🙄) and the direction I want to take them in 2020. Lots of planning to do through the end of the year!
  • Getting our goats ready for winner and making breeding plans for November/December. We plan to have 6 does in milk next spring. It’s going to be a busy year for us!
  • Colored my hair purple 💜 – because why not?!

Currently Enjoying

📺 Watching | Not gonna lie; I’m all-in on Shane Dawson‘s docu-series with Jeffree Star.

🎧 Listening | The I Never Thought I’d Say This podcast hosted by Jodie Sweetin and Celia Behar.

📷 Gear | My new Switchpod has me pretty excited to start shooting video!

Projects & Passions

💻 AW Development + Design
Specializing in custom WordPress themes

🐐 Sundaze Farm
Nigerian Dwarf & LaMancha dairy goats

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