Amanda Weber

Web developer 💻 + Homesteader 👩‍🌾 + Mama fam  + INFJ 💗

I build websites and raise dairy goats and poultry on a little farm in NWPA.

Farm Instagram – @sundaze_farm
Personal Instagram –


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  • We canceled our trip to Seattle due to concerns about COVID-19. I’m bummed, but glad that we made the decision. (The friend we planned to visit is in her 80s; it was for the sake of her health even more than our own!)
  • We’re prepping the farm for baby goats in less than a month! Stay tuned on for updates. Our first doe is due April 1st.
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying having a “personal” Instagram account again ( It’s so nice to just share family photos and my random interests and thoughts without having to be “on brand” all the time! 
  • Heyyyy guess what? I turned 38! (YIKES.) 

Currently Enjoying

📺 Watching | The Democratic debates, the final season of Schitt’s Creek

🎧 Listening | The new For the Love of Goats podcast from Deborah Niemann

📖 Reading | City of Ghosts by J. H. Moncrieff

📷 Gear | I am crazy in love with my new AirPods Pro

Projects & Passions

💻 AW Development + Design
Specializing in custom WordPress themes

🐐 Sundaze Farm
Nigerian Dwarf & LaMancha dairy goats

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