Amanda Weber

Web developer 💻 + Mama 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 + Homesteader 👩‍🌾 + INFJ 💗

♓ Sun, ♓Moon, ♓ Rising

I build websites and raise dairy goats and poultry on a little farm in NWPA.

Farm Instagram – @sundaze_farm
Personal Instagram –
Biz Instagram – @aweberdev

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  • Freelance work is picking up and I’m thinking it’s time for a much-needed overhaul to my website. Now it’s a matter of finding time to do that… ha!
  • Our sons go back to school on August 25th. They’ll be starting 6th and 2nd grade. We are enrolled in cyber school this year through our public district. I’m feeling good about our decision to keep them learning at home, but I’m very anxious to see what happens with the students and teachers that return to school. I sincerely hope it isn’t as bad as I fear it may be.
  • Goat-kidding season is finally done for the year! Our last kid was born on August 2nd. So now I have 2 kids to find homes for — check out our farm page if you’re interested! 

Currently Enjoying

📺 Watching | We just finished binge-watching Cursed on Netflix and now we’ve moved on to Vikings

🎧 Listening | I sort of hate to admit it, but I’m digging Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore. My favorite track is “Exile” with Bon Iver.

📖 Reading | A bunch of out-there metaphysical books because I’m down a serious rabbit-hole at the moment. 😉

📷 Gear | Continuing to use my AirPods Pro every day; other than that, nothing new or exciting here… 

Projects & Passions

💻 AW Development + Design
Specializing in custom WordPress themes

🐐 Sundaze Farm
Nigerian Dwarf & LaMancha dairy goats

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